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Nathan & Bethany Humbyrd

Nathan Humbyrd is a born-again man of God who received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, February 21, 1996 at 9 PM on a Wednesday night in Leesville Louisiana at Lillie United Pentecostal Church.

A former drug addict, alcoholic and bar Hopper, he met the Lamb of God who took away his sins and filled him with fire!

God has called Nathan to world missions through preaching crusades, prayer for the sick, casting out devils and praying for people to receive the precious baptism of the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues.

Brother Nathan is a strong apostolic believer with full faith in the apostolic experiences enumerated in the book of Acts 2:38.

His wife Bethany and son Branch are filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ and walk in the gifts and power of God!

The blind have seen, the deaf mute hear and speak, devils come out and even the dead have been raised by the prayer offered by Nathan and Bethany with their son Branch.

Thousands have come to Jesus Christ throughout the world through this ministry, and the best is yet to come!

About Nathan Humbyrd Ministries

This is an apostolic, salvation and healing ministry, focusing on the apostolic message of repentance, baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost speaking with tongues.

At these services, the power of the Holy Ghost is present to heal the sick, cause the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the mute to speak, the lame to walk and the dead to be raised!

Reports of visions of Jesus, angelic visitation and supernatural signs and wonders occur commonly in this ministry ordained of God.

This is a no-nonsense ministry with lasting results in the kingdom of God.

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